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PCI & ISO Standards Manager

How to generate PCI & ISO reports in minutes?

We introduce you to a tool that will save Information Security managers a huge amount of time and effort by creating PCI & ISO Reports at the push of a button

16 October 2019, 13.00 (CET – Malta Time)

Webinar is being held by Trevor Cushen, a creator of the tool, CIM Solutions and by Trevor Axiak, Director and co-Founder of Kyte Global

During the webinar we will show you a 45 minutes demo of the product and explain how it works, its benefits and features. Don’t miss an opportunity to see the tool from the inside¬†

You will also have 15 minutes time allocated for your questions. If this time will not be enough we are willing to schedule individual meetings to make sure that all questions are answered

All attendees are invited to have a free trial month that will be provided after the webinar. It is a good way to find out if it is something that you or your company need

The CIM platform provides a centralised cloud-based repository to gather findings, recommendations, and notes in one easy to manage and use solution. This allows for multiple auditors to collaborate on one audit across multiple sites and to see the results in real time. A typical report can take from 5 to 10 days to produce depending on the size of the report and the complexity/size of the information to convey. Large compliance and recommendation reports as well as PowerPoint presentations can be generated in seconds not days

Only a few days left to register and see how CIM Solutions helps

  • Manage the information gathered during certification programs
  • Collaborate with the customer and colleagues at the same time
  • Reduce time to prepare professional high-quality reports
  • Revisit information gathered a year ago


Kindly fill in the form to receive further steps on how to participate in the webinar. Participation requires an access to the Internet and computer, phone, tablet